More than 100 years at your service supplying naval equipment

Our priority is to attend our customers with quality and agile service, giving the best times in getting all the products and spare parts, especially when these are difficult to find in the national industry, having to resort to importing them. We always work at market prices and with their corresponding certifications and approvals.

Import and export specialists

With the desire for expansion that characterises us, we have specialised in the preparation of customs documentation (DUA) necessary for the successful completion of our IMPORTS AND EXPORTS in the different ports of the world, being able to relate to our partners in three different languages. One of our greatest achievements is the agreements we have reached with more than 4,000 national and international partners, both manufacturers and experts in the specific field of the wide variety of parts that make up our wide range of products and services, being able to give direct attention to our customers anywhere in the world.

Our manufacturing plant, maximum guarantee

In our manufacturing plant the workers and engineers have the task of searching for the maximum guarantee of the manufactured products. Designing and adding new ideas for the elaboration of those needs of our customers, thus responding to the need to improve existing products, thus ensuring a final result of maximum guarantee.

For the production of these products, the raw materials are always of the highest quality and are subjected to a severe test in order to rule out possible anomalies in the products.

At present we manufacture rods with and without holes, of great hardness, hooks for the unloading of tuna, stainless steel grapnels, floats, exclusive mesh for FADs, flat guarding cylinders (fire plan).

Our manufacturing plant, maximum guarantee

Our purchasing department is responsible for making the necessary purchases at the right time, in the right quantity and at the right price. It is responsible for procuring the inputs (raw materials, parts, tools, office supplies and equipment) that are indispensable for the production of goods and services. Some of its main objectives are:

  • Purchase the materials for the intended purpose
  • Have the materials available at the time they are required.
  • Secure the quantity of materials required.
  • Procure materials at the lowest possible price, compatible with the quality and service required.
  • To control the quality of materials to the required standard.
  • Procure from more than one source, in anticipation of any emergency that prevents delivery from one supplier.
  • Anticipate price changes due to differences in currency exchange rates, inflation or shortages.
  • Tracking the flow of orders placed.
  • Evaluating the services provided by suppliers.

Sales department, our customer representative

We give the same importance to the sales activity as to the after-sales service, thus providing a service to our customers so that they can continue to count on us on subsequent occasions. The sales department is responsible for carrying out the following activities:

  • Develop sales forecasts.
  • Establish prices.
  • Carrying out sales promotions.
  • Control and analyse sales.

Warehouse equipment, our core value

Our warehouse team is responsible for the control and registration of incoming and outgoing materials, verifying and processing the documentation for timely replenishment.

We have specific technical skills and knowledge regarding not only the warehouse organisation function but also the knowledge of the equipment, instruments and material to be supplied.

Purchasing department, the engine of our warehouse

At GLOBALMAR we are dedicated to the supply and delivery of naval and industrial goods both nationally and internationally.

We seek the satisfaction of our clients by providing each of them with a personal and responsible service, which provides confidence in terms of results.

Our services are characterised by speed and adaptability, transmitting confidence and security to our clients and interested parties, through the mastery of what we offer and constant communication, improving every day in the development of our systems and processes, our main asset being our staff and our best guarantee being our clients.

We also focus our efforts on assessing the risks that may affect us in order to prevent them and solve them quickly, as well as taking advantage of opportunities, so that we can continue to serve our customers efficiently in the future.

In order to achieve our firm commitment to continuous improvement in our quality system, developed on the basis of the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, we have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • Continuous improvement
  • The constant search for the best suppliers to provide the best product in the shortest time to our customers.
  • Investing in training and resources to improve the skills of our staff to ensure quality services
  • Constant communication with all stakeholders
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